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Your Voice, Our Future

  • August 25, 2016 - Your Voice, Our Future Plan - Did you know... Safety!

    Did you know... Oro Valley has a new General Plan! One major topic is safety. Here’s how safety was included in the Plan:

    1. Safety was consistently the community’s #1 priority over three types of surveys!
    2. The Your Voice Community, Environment and Development Committees considered safety when creating goals, policies and actions for the Plan.
    3. Over 45 goals, policies and actions talk about keeping Oro Valley a safe place to live.

    Want to learn more? Read the Plan and email us at with questions. Catch us at upcoming public hearings of the Planning and Zoning Commission on September 6 and Town Council on September 21.


  • August 16, 2016 - Your Voice, Our Future Plan - Upcoming public hearings!

    Oro Valley new Your Voice, Our Future General Plan will be on the 11/8 ballot!

    But before the November vote, the Plan is being presented in a series of public hearings. Stop by to learn about the Plan and provide public comment!

    To learn more before the public hearings, check out the Plan, staff report and summary of changes. Changes made to the Plan have taken it from 90% completion to 100% completion! Check out project background and frequently asked questions at


Your Voice, Our Future graphic image

“Yes! Your Voice, Our Future will make a difference!
The Your Voice, Our Future Plan is out! Click here to download a copy.

Check out the Meetings and Events page to provide comment at a public hearing or invite us to your organization for a presentation about the Plan!”

Oro Valley's new community plan, the Your Voice, Our Future Plan, is out in the community!

The community-led Your Voice, Our Future Plan will help determine decisions made for Oro Valley over the next ten years. It takes a high level look at the community, and doesn’t set Town budgets or call for new taxes. The plan includes a range of important topics such as public safety, natural beauty, parks and recreation and how to make our community more family-friendly. This plan uses the community’s vision to set directions for residents, stakeholders, officials and Town staff to use in making decisions over the next decade.

Check out some of their ideas!

The Town strives for:

  • The proactive conservation, protection, and restoration of environmentally-sensitive lands, natural resource areas and habitats and lands with high scenic value.
  • Safety for all residents and visitors during emergencies, and from the threats of natural and man-made hazards, whether at home, work or other activities.
  • A built environment that creatively integrates landscape, architecture and open space, and conservation elements which elevate the quality of life.


This process was last completed in 2005 with the adoption of a General Plan known as Focus 2020, The Future in Balance. This renewed effort is required by state law and responds to the Town’s changing demographics and needs.

The Town’s quality of life is the focus of this project. The current General Plan outlines actions as well as a specific implementation program to monitor results. You can check out the Focus 2020 General Plan Progress Report to learn about direct results of the previous planning and implementation, including:

  • Acquisition, design and construction of several new recreational facilities, including the CDO Linear Park, a new accessible playground, and most notably the Town’s aquatic center expansion
  • Continual investment in transportation, with over twenty transportation and circulation projects completed or in progress, including transit service and bike and pedestrian facilities
  • Adoption of the Environmentally Sensitive Lands ordinance that reflects habitat, scenic and cultural resource conservation values
  • Expansion of Town public safety programs and awareness
  • Adoption of site and architectural design standards to ensure a quality built environment
  • Creation of a neighborhood enhancement programs, like the Neighborhood Clean Up Program
  • Implementation of a comprehensive Town-wide water conservation program