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General Plan Amendments

The Future in Balance
The General Plan is the Town's Community Plan and it provides broad guidance in the areas of land use, circulation, public safety, water resources and other community related topics.  The General Plan provides for an annual amendment process to consider changes to the document.  Project status and public hearing information on the specific applications can be found below, or by contacting the project planner listed with each application.  The Town of Oro Valley welcomes all comments on the proposed amendments to the General Plan. 

Major General Plan Amendments
A Major General Plan Amendment is a substantial alteration of the land use mixture or balance. Major General Plan Amendments are required for all amendments that are five acres or greater in size. Applications for Major Amendments can only be submitted once a year from January 1st through April 30th. Major General Plans require two neighborhood meetings, two Planning and Zoning Commission meetings, and a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Town Council.

The Town of Oro Valley does not have any Major General Plan Amendment applications for 2015.

Minor General Plan Amendments

A Minor General Plan Amendment includes amendments that are five acres or less in size and that are contiguous to like existing land use categories. Applications for minor amendments may be submitted any time of the year. Minor Amendments require one neighborhood meeting, a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, and a majority vote by Town Council for approval.