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General Plan


A general plan is essentially a community’s “blue print” for land use and development; it serves as the basis for rational decisions regarding a community’s long-term development. The general plan expresses the community’s development goals and embodies public policy relative to the distribution of future land uses, both public and private. The policies and programs of the general plan are intended to underlie most land use decisions. Preparing, adopting, implementing, and maintaining a general plan serves to:

  • Identify the community’s land use, transportation, environmental, economic, and social goals and policies as they relate to land use and development.
  • Provide a basis for local government decision-making, including decisions on development approvals.
  • Provide residents with opportunities to participate in the planning and decision making processes of their community.
  • Inform residents, developers, decision makers, and other cities and counties of the ground rules that guide development within the community.
  • General Plan Documents

Your Voice, Our Future

The Your Voice, Our Future Project is working to gather ideas and provide direction for the next version of the General Plan.  This is a multi-year process with many chances to weigh-in.  Check out to join the conversation or email

A general plan typically has three defining qualities:

General Nature:
As its name suggests, the general plan provides guidance for the future, particularly regarding growth and development. More precise direction is provided in implementation documents and plans, such as annexations, the zoning code, design regulations, the annual budget, and the capital improvements program.

Oro Valley General Plan Policy Document - Adopted June 15, 2005

Comprehensive Scope:
The general plan addresses a broad range of environmental, social, and economic factors affecting change within the community. These factors include land use and circulation, the environment and resources, economic and fiscal conditions, as well as a host of others. Furthermore, these factors are addressed in an interrelated and, wherever possible, consistent manner.

The general plan takes immediate concerns into consideration, but focuses primarily on the future, particularly potential build out scenarios (i.e., the maximum size and population of the community).

According to the State of Arizona’s Growing Smarter/Plus statutes, every city and county in Arizona is required to adopt and maintain a general plan.


From 2001 to 2003, the Town prepared a new General Plan to update the Plan that was originally adopted in 1996.  The updated Plan meets Arizona's new State requirements and responds to the changes in the Town since 1996.  The General Plan Update was adopted by the Town Council in June 2003, but was not ratified by voters in the November 2003 election. In order to determine the voter's opinions regarding the Plan, the Town reached out to the community via surveys and meetings.  Then, using the results of these outreach efforts, a committee of citizens, including opponents to the previous plan, redrafted the 2003 General Plan Update.

2005 Adoption of Plan:

General Plan 2005
This plan was adopted by the Town Council on June 15, 2005, and on November 8, 2005, the revised General Plan was ratified by the Oro Valley Voters.  This plan meets all of the requirements of the State Growing Smarter Legislation.  It is the final version without the maps, which are shown below.  A version of the plan showing the changes from the plan adopted in June 2003 is available by contacting Roseanne Flores at

Land Use Map
This shows the land use designations adopted by the Council on June 15, 2005.  Though it is not a zoning map, with specific allowed uses it is used by the Town to help determine the type of development that should ultimately be on a site.  The map includes a brief legend and more descriptive information for each land use designation is in the Land Use Section of the Plan.

Other General Plan Maps

General Plan Focus 2020 Progress Report Strategic Implementation Program 
The Strategic Implementation Program is comprised of a set of actions which implement the policies outlined in Oro Valley's Focus 2020 General Plan.  This plan established action items within each of its 12 primary focus areas or elements.  The following report identifies major accomplishments and remaining challenges in each of the General Plan's 12 elements based on progress made to date.