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Fitness Classes & Schedule

Photo of green dumbbells and purple yoga mat on wooden floor

Fitness classes available at the Oro Valley Community & Recreation Center.

January Fitness Schedule

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AQUA:  Not just aerobics in the water!  Utilize 12-15% more resistance than exercising on land. Consistently work opposing muscle groups for a full class.

ATHLETE FLO AND STRETCH: This effective class integrates movement, strength and breath work to help athletes excel, no matter their ability level. A faster paced flowing routine with specific Yoga poses; this class is designed for athletes and those of us whose flexibility may be challenged, but it is challenged enough.

BALANCE BODY FLO: A workout that builds balance, flexibility and strength thru various equipment, Yoga, Pilates and cardio movements.

BIKE AND BARRE: This class will start out on the bike working cardio and interval training then off the bike to target full-body workout performed at the ballet barre creating long lean muscles and improved posture.  Signature results include sculpted arms, abs, thighs and a lifted bottom.

CARDIO BLAST: Experience this FUN cardio workout of Low impact aerobics that will boost your energy level, burn calories, reduce stress, and get you in shape! This workout develops functional coordination, cardio vascular endurance, strength, flexibility, balance and much more. Strength and stretching always included.

CHI KUNG: Chi kung means energy and breath, efficiently flowing through the entire body.  Chi Kung practice will awaken the flow of chi that channels life energy into the body for detoxifying, cleansing, healing, and strengthening the  internal organs.

CORE AND STRENGTH: Get the best of both worlds in this class. Engage yourself in this full body workout and you will leave class sweaty!

CORE AND STRETCH: Improve your core strength while increasing flexibility.

DYNAMIC STRETCH: Improve mobility, flexibility, strength, and coordination for all your favorite activities with the most effective stretching props and techniques including static & active stretching, Franklin method, PNF, and gentle yoga. 

DYNAMIC STAFF STRETCHING: Come experience a form of exercise that benefits all levels of fitness. Dynamic staff stretching is an ancient form of flexibility and balance training. You will use a 6' staff to manipulate and support your body into positions that will allow you to move in a greater range of motion.

EARLY BIRD YOGA: This yoga class is for beginners. Expect mindful and detailed instructions on how to place and use your body in each pose.

EXPRESS SPIN & TONING: 35 minutes of cycle then toning!

INTERVAL CLASS: A twist to your standard cardio workout. Switching between low and high-intensity movements you can improve your body’s fat-burning ability.

JUST WEIGHTS: Resistance training that focuses on all major muscle groups using different weight intensity.  Rev up your metabolism.

KICKBOXING: Total cardio!  Kickboxing is the “hidden abs” workout. Simple moves utilize major muscle groups with consistent core work.

LINE DANCE: Learn basic line dance steps set to music.  Great low impact cardio. No partner necessary.

LITTLE BLACK DRESS: Complete body toning, cardio intervals all to help you fit in your little black dress.

PILATES: A unique system of stretching & strengthening exercises developed over 90 years ago by Joseph H. Pilates.  Strengthen and tone muscles while improving posture. Class provides flexibility and balance, and unites body & mind. 

PiYo: A fun and challenging combination of yoga and Pilates. It is a low-impact, up tempo workout that will burn calories, tone muscles, work on balance, and give you a great stretch.

POWER TONE: Some cardio, mostly weights and toning. All integrate Interval Training and Boot Camp style.

SIT AND BE FIT: Function better in your daily life - sitting, standing up from a chair, walking and fall prevention. Increase strength, tone, muscle endurance & bone density. This class will improve core stability, balance, coordination & maintain good posture.

TAI CHI (Yang Form): Flowing movement for balance and strength.

TARGET TONING: Cardio, Toning, Abs, and Stretch. This class is like discovering gold for the perfect body.

TONE & STRETCH: Tone your torso muscles followed by a nice period of stretching. This class will increase your muscular endurance/flexibility through the use of weights, steps, and stretching.

TONING ON A BALL: Get ready to have a ball with this fun toning session that mixes things up with the use of a stability ball during the workout.

TOTAL BODY STRETCH: Flexibility Exercises for the entire body.

TOTAL BODY TRAINING: Strength training with weights, bands, balls, and bodyweight. Cardio intervals mixed in to blast fat with stretching at the end.

GENTLE KRIPALU YOGA:  Students of all ability levels and body types are welcome! Yoga of Compassion.  More than making you flexible and strong. A unique way to integrate body, mind and spirit through opening to the wisdom of your body. Class is for the beginning and continuing Yoga student.

Yoga with Kathy Covington (additional cost): Kathy’s 14 years of teaching invite the deepening awareness of physical alignment & breath. Her supportive guidance & compassion for teaching lets the yogi freely explore their full potential so the poses celebrate the individual self.

YOGA 101: This instructional based class uses creative sequencing and flows moving through full range of motion.  Emphasis on bio-mechanics and breath work will establish a solid foundation from which to base your practice.  Options will be demonstrated to advance through the postures or modify them to suit your current needs. 

YOGA WITH A VIEW: John's hatha yoga class will be held outdoors weather permitting. In inclement weather, it will be held in either the Sunset Room or another indoor space.

ZUMBA: A Latin inspired dance fitness class that incorporates Latin & International music and dance movements.

ZUMBA GOLD: This class is for active older adults looking for a modified Zumba class that recreates the original moves you love at a lower intensity.