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Murray's Firearms and Ammunition LLC

Murray's Firearms and Ammunition

We are a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer, since 1977 and handle shipment of firearms for online purchases by residents for transfer according to Federal Law. We offer NRA Certified Firearms Training Instruction and Law Enforcement Training as well. We are HR-218 (LEOSA) instructors for LEO retired national concealed carry. We provide Concealed Carry License Classes, taught on the original Arizona Highway Patrol course of instruction. 

We sell firearms on consignment and do appraisals and valuations of firearms for insurance purposes.Discounts are provided on the costs of processing a firearms transfer fee, for military, law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS and their families. A transfer is the normal process of conducting the federal 4473 paperwork required to take possession of a firearm from a licensed FFL dealer. Business is run by a retired, Arizona Highway Patrol Officer. Please see our website for a list of services offered. 

Veterans Support Initiative
Hours of Operation: 
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 am-2 pm; other hours by appointment
Darrell or Brenda Murray
(520) 544-2660
Murray's Firearms and Ammunition
Home Occupation
Oro Valley, AZ 85737