Parks Master Plan individual site feedback

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Over the past year, the Town of Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Department has been gathering community input and conducting a needs assessment to develop a comprehensive, town-wide Parks and Recreation Master Plan with individual plans for the Community Center, James D. Kriegh Park, Riverfront Park, Naranja Park and Steam Pump Ranch. For background information, click here.

To view the Parks and Recreation Master Plan Meeting, reference the video linked here. For quick access to specific portions of the meeting, utilize the timestamps located within the video details. 

It’s now time for the next round of community engagement and feedback. Tell us what YOU think about the draft concept plans!

Click on each concept plan below to view that site’s potential improvements, and then post your feedback. Please note that these concept plans are merely drafts for public consideration. They are not final in any way, because we still need your feedback! You have until December 18 to post your comments, and then they will be compiled and reviewed so we can make adjustments to these concept plans. In early January 2021, we will reveal the updated plans, based on your community feedback, and there will be additional opportunities to weigh in on this exciting project. 

To leave feedback, scroll down and click on the blue “Discussions” button below to open the feedback forum. Then click on the specific park/location to post your comment.

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