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Permitting Division

  • May 15, 2015 - What's new!

    The Town of Oro Valley will soon be implementing a new permitting system.  The new software will track all development activity, permits and inspections in the Town and will be in place on May 27.  Customers will notice a change in the way they can see online plan review comments, permit status and inspections.  The Town anticipates a smooth switchover to the new system but please be patient as we work to bring this sophisticated system into a live environment.  Thank you and stay tuned for more details!

Division Overview
The Permitting division coordinates all facets of plan review and permitting for development plans, preliminary and final plats, improvement and grading plans, building plans, walls, pools and spas, signs, miscellaneous structures and equipment for all new or altered residential and commercial construction within the Town to assess their compliance with the codes and ordinances adopted by the Town.


Plan Review Program Overview
All Plan Review is performed by the Department's staff of Certified Plans Examiners, Licensed Engineers and Technicians.  This team is responsible for the review of all commercial and residential construction plans for new and altered site work, utility infrastructure, buildings and other structures which includes the following disciplines: civil, architectural, structural, fire-resistive, life/safety, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems.  Plan review is also provided for all development plans, preliminary and final plats, and  improvement and grading plans.  In addition, this team ensures implementation of the Zoning Code and development approval decisions of the Development Review Board and Town Council.

Intake, Issuance and Records Management Program Overview
All permit applications are received and reviewed by the Certified Permit Technicians to ensure all necessary documentation is included to provide a timely review.  At each stage of review, they monitor, coordinate and issue comments until complete.  Once review is complete, they issue the permit and coordinate inspections.  They also collect and release assurances posted to ensure that development occurs in a timely manner and in compliance with approved plans.  This team of technicians is also responsible for records management in compliance with the State's records retention law.