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Lambert Lane Safety Improvement Project - La Canada to Rancho Sonora

Widening Lambert to 4 lanes from La Canada to Rancho Sonora; includes multi-use lanes

This widening project is focused on improving the safety along Lambert Lane eastbound to the La Cañada intersection. The project conceptually will include 4 lanes from La Cañada to Rancho Sonora, and includes multi-use lanes. This project will improve the site visibility at the intersection of Lambert Ln and La Cañada and  improve how the road operates along with adding multi-modal enhancements. The project is anticipated to start mid 2016. The project is funded by the Pima Association of Goverments (PAG) 12.6% Highway User Revenue Funds (HURF)  HURF funds are derived from state fuel tax. Construction cost are about $6 million.

Estimated Start Date: 
Late 2016
Estimated Completion Date: 
Late 2017
Street(s) Affected or Property Location: 
Lambert Lane
Engineer or Property Owner: 
Jose Rodriquez, P.E.
Town staff contact: 
Jose Rodriguez 229-4872
Activity Date Range
Severe lane restrictions in the median of the intersection of La Canada and Lambert. These restrictions are scheduled to begin on Friday evening and end on Monday morning. 09/22/17 to 09/25/17
Lane restrictions: southbound La Canada, from Canada Hills to Lambert, 9 am - 5 pm. These restrictions will allow Granite Construction to install new loop detectors for the traffic signal. 09/18/17
SEPTEMBER: reconstruct intersection; complete storm drain pipe, catch basin, drainage channel; concrete curb on side streets; prepare for eastbound paving; traffic shift to south side of Lambert 09/01/17
Water outage scheduled for 4 - 8 hours overnight, beginning late in the evening of 8/28. If your home will be affected, you will receive a door hanger in the 48 hours leading up to the shutoff. 08/28/17 to 08/29/17
Lane shift begins. Eastbound traffic approaching La Canada will be shifted into north lanes. 08/28/17
Closure of Hacienda Hermosa Dr. at Lambert Ln. from 6/30/17 - 8/28/17. This closure is necessary for road reconstruction at this intersection. 06/30/17 to 08/28/17
Lane restrictions - northbound La Canada at Lambert. One day only; scheduled to be completed before afternoon commute hours. 08/09/17
Weekend lane restrictions - CANCELED. When a new date is available, it will be shared. 08/04/17
AUGUST: reconstruct intersection (including curbs, ramps, sidewalks, traffic signal); install storm drain pipe; curb and paving preparation in eastbound lanes; erosion protection, including seeding 08/01/17
Lane restrictions - northbound La Canada, just south of Lambert Lane, 7/12/17, 5:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. 07/12/17
Lane restrictions: southbound La Canada, Canada Hills to Lambert, until 6/30. Expect heavy delays, especially during morning commute hours. Seek alternate routes if possible. 04/04/17 to 06/30/17
Full closure of Lambert Lane from La Canada Dr., west to Hacienda Hermosa Dr. Lambert access to businesses west of intersection will be maintained whenever safety permits. 03/13/17 to 06/30/17
Lane restrictions: northbound La Canada, Congressional to Lambert, until 6/9. Expect heavy delays, especially during afternoon commute hours. Seek alternate routes if possible. 05/11/17 to 06/09/17
JUNE: Excavation of excess dirt; work on concrete retaining wall; work on RCBC extension; construction of soil nail walls; intersection reconstruction; installation of storm drain pipe 06/01/17
MAY: Excavate extra dirt and remove to Tangerine; concrete retaining wall; reinforced concrete box culvert extension; soil nail walls #3-4; intersection reconstruction; install storm drain pipe. 04/27/17
APRIL: Transportation of excess dirt from Lambert to Tangerine; work on concrete retaining wall; work on soil nail walls #3-4; construction of new traffic signal; installation of new storm drain pipe 03/28/17
What's going on on Lambert? This image shows installation of one of the four soil nail walls, which will stabilize hillsides adjacent to the newly expanded road. 03/22/17
Lane closures in all directions at Lambert Ln & La Canada Dr., 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., Expect heavy delays and, if possible, seek alternate routes. 03/03/17 to 03/10/17
MARCH: Continuation of clearing and grubbing; work on concrete retaining wall; work on reinforced concrete box culvert extensions; construction of soil nail wall #1; construction of new traffic signal 02/28/17
Construction of new traffic signal at intersection of Lambert Lane and La Canada Drive. 02/13/17